Helping Each Other

We recognize and value our clients’ unique experience and knowledge. 在快节奏的网络世界里,快速获取信息至关重要. When it comes to software support, 人们很容易忘记,一些最有价值的信息并不在内部系统或产品手册中, but in the minds of our users.

Tyler Community 为我们的客户提供在线大规模协作和众包工具吗.

  • 搜索 forums, discussions, and wikis to solve problems
  • 在协作、互动的环境中与同事和美高梅员工保持联系
  • Share best practices and knowledge about products or services
  • Capture and reuse collective knowledge

Learning at Your Convenience

Tyler University,我们的继续教育平台,为您提供24/7/365的美高梅产品课程. It is an online resource for improving your skills, 学习新的软件,跟上最新的技术或程序. 有数百门课程可供选择,每个人都可以在美高梅大学学到一些东西.

Tyler's team of experts provide engaging, 有关, 实践课程的美高梅程序和流程,您每天使用. 这有助于降低新员工的培训成本,同时也为经验丰富的员工提供了重温重要主题的机会.

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Revisit important training topics
  • Access to hundreds of Tyler product courses
  • Reduce new employee training costs
  • Monitor employee progress and transcripts